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Luxury Retreats Recognizes That Curated Experiences Are Essential to Luxury Hospitality

The sharing economy has come a long way over the last few years, and luxury accommodations now play a large role. Because of its consistency and highly secure vetting process, Luxury Retreats stands out from other companies in the space.

Now that the sharing economy is maturing, the options for end-to-end luxury travel have never been stronger. Luxury Retreats, acquired by Airbnb in 2017, is elevating the standard of what a full-scope luxury property can offer with its high-end, vetted properties and 24/7 concierge service. SkiftX spoke with Amr Younes, head of business development & strategic partnerships, to learn more.

SkiftX: What are today’s luxury travelers looking for in terms of accommodation?

Amr Younes: Luxury has been and always will be defined by quality, comfort, and elegance. However, the luxury market is changing from emphasizing the physical to the experiential. Today, luxury has much more to do with partaking in experiences that are customized to an individual’s wants and needs.

SkiftX: What does guest-centricity mean to luxury travelers today?

Younes: Travelers expect us to use the data they provide in their profiles to offer them a more personalized experience. These travelers aren’t just looking for a high-end property with a scenic view. They want a full-scope experience from when they book their trip until their return flight home. They expect the travel providers they work with to understand their specific desires and want an experience that’s tailored to them.

SkiftX: What differentiates Luxury Retreats from other luxury vacation rental companies?

Younes: Luxury Retreats stands out for its consistency and predictability. Quality and vetting have been rated as our most valued offerings by our guests. We have a rigorous 240+ point quality inspection plan that each home goes through. All of the 4,000-plus properties we offer were handpicked by the portfolio team through trusted partners on-site, and less than 5 percent of homes that apply are accepted into our collection.

SkiftX: Can you describe the company’s vetting and security process?

Younes: Keeping our community secure offline and online is one of the most important things we work on every day. Each guest is given access to 24/7 guest relations services for assistance when at their destination. We also have a Trust and Safety team which is made up of engineers, concierges, trainers, designers, law enforcement liaisons, product managers, crisis managers, victim advocacy specialists, and more, each working on a number of features dedicated to keeping our guests safe.


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