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Seven hotel marketing trends for 2022

Chaitanya Patel

In December 2019, the world was hit left, right & center with a global pandemic and the majority of the service-based organizations came to a halt. One industry in particular that faced maximal turbulence during the covid-crisis was the hospitality industry.

Those brands that wish to revive from the loss and potentially gain an edge over the competition need to reimagine & rebuild their marketing strategies for 2022.

The marketplace has changed exponentially since 2019, and so have the customer preferences regarding the tourism sector. Hence, to allocate their budget in worthwhile marketing efforts, in later 2021 and 2022, it is crucial for modern hoteliers to carry out thorough market research.

Fortunately, to take some load off your shoulder, we have conducted the research for you! In this post, we have compiled a list of all the top hotel and hospitality marketing trends to help you expand your bookings. To learn which hotel marketing strategies will help you stay ahead of the competition and increase bookings, continue reading!

Top Hotel & Hospitality Trends For 2022 & Beyond

1. Marketing Hygiene & Safety Protocols It’s no secret that, following Covid-19, ‘cleanliness and hygiene has become a major deciding factor for customers when selecting a hotel.

Letting your guests know that the property administrators are willing to go above & beyond for their safety can work wonders in building trust and improving brand image. You can utilize social media platforms or dedicated website pages for clearing your safety policies to current and potential customers.

However, it is vital to remember that the guests still desire a relaxing and unwinding experience at your property. Hence, ‘hygiene messaging’ should not be the sole focus of your campaign stealing the spotlight from your brand message and the pleasures of staying in a hotel.

2. Go Green Campaigns Nature tourism is not a novel concept in the hospitality industry. The degree to which guests prefer destinations endowed with natural bliss has increased exponentially in the past two years.

Most of us have spent the past two years locked up in our homes. The pandemic forced humankind to slow down, inspiring us to reconnect with nature and embrace the unfiltered beauty of the universe.

Are you wondering how ‘nature’ can be used to curate an effective hotel marketing strategy, primarily if you are located in an urban area?

The best solution is to start simple. You can begin with highlighting the natural elements in & around your property in social media posts and blogs/vlogs. Open swimming pools, gardens, rooftops, sunset, and even flowers, are all your marketing tools!

After that, you can devise campaigns promoting your sustainability efforts and share your contribution towards sustainable tourism with the audience.

3. Focus On Building A Robust Digital Brand From banking to ordering food, the majority of transactions are carried out online in this day & age are conducted on the internet, and hotel booking is no exception.

According to several studies, nearly 60% of hotel bookings are made online. Consequently, hotel marketers must focus on building a robust online presence and leveraging the power of ‘customer feedback’ for doing so. how to collect customer feedback plays a vital role in the progress journey and influencing the new customers for winning situations across competitors.

A sure-fire way to improve your online reputation is delivering par-excellent services and encouraging your guests to share their experiences. Follow this SEO Checklist to grow your website on the top searched over google.

You can enhance review generation by email marketing campaigns and post-check-in surveys. Another great way of acquiring customer reviews is offering discount coupons and complimentary services in exchange for their review postings.

4. Don’t Miss Out On Virtual Tours! If a picture speaks 1000 words, imagine how powerful a well-curated virtual tour would be to grab the attention of your target audience. Nothing entices a potential traveler more than a visual dive into the property they are planning to visit.

The best part about virtual tours is that the content can easily be repurposed for different marketing channels. E.g., a single video highlighting your unparalleled hospitality can be shared as both – a reel on Instagram and trending promotion on your website.

Virtual tours are your best asset to inspire wanderlust, making it one of the fastest-growing hotel & hospitality marketing trends. Video campaigns like influencer marketing, behind-the-scenes tours, drone shootings, etc., are highly recommended by marketing experts.

5. Drive Attention Towards Direct Booking According to a study conducted by Business Travel News, there has been a rapid growth in direct booking in 2020, and the trend is not expected to subside anytime soon. Wondering how this affects your brand building and promotion endeavors? Well, since an increasing number of people are inclined toward booking hotels directly, you need to optimize your direct channels.

Your marketing approach should focus on improving the website experience and SEO performance. Upgraded SEO rankings will drive more visitors to your website, and a seamless booking experience will enhance overall customer satisfaction & customer acquisition.

6. Promoting Niche-Based Travel Niche-based holidays and experiential traveling are iconic hotel marketing trends that haven’t lost their charm even after the pandemic.

People are always looking for something fresh and intriguing when it comes to traveling; the trends of Niche- traveling, however, keep on evolving.

The latest recreational travel trends in 2022 that are expected to captivate the hospitality industries include- pet-friendly travel, yoga & meditation retreats, free & safe public Wi-fi, bachelor and hen vacations, and of course, workation.

As a hotelier, you can create these unique experiences for your guests and later use them as a marketing asset. Niche-based holidays can provide you with incredible content for social media campaigns, influencer marketing, and other marketing channels.

Moreover, adding a personal touch to your guests’ travel experience and catering to their unique requirements improves their satisfaction substantially.

Later, you can request these happy customers to share their reviews online, which ultimately strengthens your brand reputation.

7. Local-Marketing In the challenging covid times, several hotels have managed to sustain their business because of domestic travelers. Even though international borders are gradually opening, most travelers prefer traveling within the national boundaries over international locations.

Therefore, one of the most essential marketing tips for hoteliers is not to neglect the importance of domestic travelers.

Tailor your campaigns to target local guests and seize the benefit of the rising popularity of Staycations. Local SEO & content marketing are your go-to marketing channels for targeting local guests. To get the rank over, need to follow an SEO checklist that grows the ranking and traffic of your website.

The Concluding Note The one thing that is common with all these Hotel & hospitality marketing trends is that they focus extensively on addressing consumer needs. After all, what does hospitality run on if not customer servicing?

By utilizing these strategies, you will not only be able to sustain your bookings but also escalate them. Did you find these tips helpful? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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