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GLG Gerson Lehrman Group

GLG is driven by the curiosity of approximately 1,200 employees around the world who are transforming the way the top professionals share expertise and learn. Soon after its founding in 1998 GLG began connecting top professionals across fields and around the country. Over time, we became a membership of leading experts providing business decision-makers with insights to create better, more informed outcomes.

Today, we are the world’s largest membership network for one-on-one professional learning, comprising more than 500,000 thought leaders and practitioners, including business leaders, scientists, academics, former public sector leaders and the foremost subject matter specialists. We serve users at more than 1,400 client companies in 40 countries. These clients include Fortune 500 companies in nearly every sector and the leading professional services firms and financial institutions.

GLG’s industry-leading compliance framework allows clients to learn in a structured, auditable, and transparent way, consistent with their own internal compliance obligations and the highest professional ethical standards. Our compliance standards are a major competitive differentiator and key component of the company’s culture.

GLG is headquartered in New York with 22 offices globally and 1,200 employees.



De Revenue Management a Marketing Digital o Distribución Hotelera y Desarrollo de productos

Identificamos las necesidades del mercado a su alrededor, conceptualizando y diseñando el mejor producto para su marca, como:

  • Ubicación

  • Disponibilidad

  • Concepto

  • Rango de precios

  • Planes de alimentación

Evaluamos el rendimiento de su empresa y establecemos los campos de acción que se optimizarán.


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HQ Revenue - Construya su estrategia de revenue exitosa 

HQ revenue es una empresa tecnológica que agrega y analiza datos de mercado y de negocio en tiempo real. Hoteles y Albergues—desde propiedades boutique hasta cadenas globales—utilizan nuestro software para aumentar sus ingresos y ahorrar tiempo en el seguimiento del mercado e inteligencia empresarial.


Customer Alliance Mexico

Customer Alliance es una compañía líder en proporcionar el software que le ayudará a su hotel a generar más reseñas, incrementar su puntaje en línea en diferentes portales y a automatizar de manera eficaz la comunicación con sus clientes. 

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Pantallas de LED portátiles, pistas de baile, pantallas flexibles

Asesoría y venta de tecnología LED para video, proyectos a la medida llave en mano, entregando a la puerta de su negocio con precios directos de fábrica en China.


Guidepoint - The Experts at Finding Expertise 

Guidepoint connects clients with vetted subject matter experts—Advisors—from our global professional network. Our clients leverage the insights and perspectives shared by our Advisors to stay informed and make better business decisions.

Our clients learn from Advisors through our unique service offerings such as phone consultations, events, surveys, and data.

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TUI Care Foundation

With the help of holidaymakers we are harnessing the positive impacts of tourism to make a difference for people and places in destinations around the world. 

We focus on solutions rather than problems and strongly believe that tourism can be a global force for good: it brings people together and fosters cultural understanding and solidarity; it transfers knowledge and prosperity; and it drives the development of societies around the world. 

We work globally and act locally. This allows us to have meaningful impact on people and places.
We involve holidaymakers in our work by encouraging them to make a positive difference in the destinations they travel to.


enpact - THE TOURISM RECOVERY PROGRAMME, towards the sustainable recovery of the tourism industry

The Tourism Recovery Program is supporting 315 businesses across Egypt, Mexico, South Africa and Kenya. The program recently expanded to Tunisia and is currently in the evaluation phase where up to 100 businesses will be selected to receive training, mentoring and financial support.



Plataforma Integral de Gestión Hotelera. 

Nos enfocamos en la tecnología hotelera para que puedas centrarte en la atención de tus huéspedes.

Atrae: Crea un asombroso sitio web que impresione a tus huéspedes.

Analiza: Conoce cómo interactúan y reservan los usuarios con un solo click.

Convierte: Vende de manera inteligente desde tu sitio Web.

Administra: Controla la operación diaria de todas las áreas de tu hotel.