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What social media updates should your hotel post?

Most hotels have a Facebook page, if not accounts on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TripAdvisor and other social media sites as well. But what do you post on your social media pages frequently enough to keep your followers engaged and get new followers? Here are some ideas.‍

What’s happening in your hotel today?

Walk around inside the hotel: is there something interesting you can find to post?

  • Post a photo with a short caption (such as: “Paul, the bartender, getting his bottles in a row” or “Matt putting the finishing touches on this tempura – tonight’s special appetizer”)

  • Shoot a video of a dish or a drink or a room being prepared for a guest

Special promotions

Do you have lower rates for weekdays? Happy hours in your restaurant? A special menu for Saturdays? Post about that earlier in the day and encourage customers to come over!

Introduce your people

People run hotels, and you want your customers to like your staff. So introduce them to each other. Have a weekly post that introduces one employee with a photo of her doing her job, and write a few words about what makes her special. Bonus: your employee is happy!

Talk about your history

Is there anything interesting about your hotel that your customers should know? How about:

  • When it was established and by whom

  • Celebrities who stayed there

  • An important event you hosted

Explain what makes you special

If something is interesting about your processes or something you do better than anyone else, don’t be shy about boasting: “Do you know we source all our ingredients from the local farmers’ market?” or “We welcome all our guests with this basket of goodies freshly baked in our bakery.”

Showcase your customer

Do you have customers who are honeymooning at your hotel and wouldn’t mind posing for a photo for your Facebook page? A group of college friends who are at their yearly reunion? A woman taking her mother on a trip? Share their stories!

Or post a testimonial from a customer – a video testimonial if you can get it!

Tour your town

Tell your followers about what makes your city/town/locale attractive. Tell them about museums and markets. Post photos of lakes and hills. Tell them what they should see while they’re in town.

Look at your calendar

Even if you don’t have a special promotion for the Fourth of July or Labor Day, post about it anyway: a line from history, what the holiday means to you, or why customers should come to your hotel to celebrate.

Regular social media posts should bring you closer to your customers. Think of what you can tell them about you that they’d want to know, and then tell them.

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