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Wellness, Fitness, and Technology: What Millennial Travelers Want Out of Their Hotel Stays

New research by FutureBrand Speck, part of Interpublic Group, assessed what travelers between the ages of 22 and 37 (i.e., millennials) are seeking out in their hotel stay and experience. The company surveyed 250 travelers to better understand how to attract and retain guests in the hospitality sector, and found disparate results among the generations. Younger generations are more willing to pay for technology and wellness services during their hotel stay, with millennials being 1.5 times as likely to take advantage of these services compared to those 40-55 years old and two times as likely as those over the age of 56.

In addition, the survey found that millennials are more likely to cite issues with fitness and wellness as a reason for negative hotel experiences. When asked what made their hotel experience negative, two times as many millennials answered ‘fitness and wellness issues’ compared to other age groups. Other issues included pricing or location.

As technology has allowed personalized content to be in every room of travelers’ homes, millennials want the same experiences on-the-go, with 67 percent wanting the same video streaming services and 52 percent wanting smart TVs in hotel rooms.

A significant number of consumers have a smart voice assistant in their pocket or at home, and the study revealed that there is not a big need for such voice technology in the hotel space, with only 10 to 17 percent of consumers surveyed requesting in-room, voice-activated assistants during their future hotel stay. “Voice interfaces are still refining their personal experience. Until people have a better sense what they can do with these voice assistants and where, they will focus more on the tried and true technologies they are aware of first,” said Jonathan Carpenter, director of user experience, FutureBrand Speck.

A majority of millennial respondents reportedly felt that integration of modern technology is one renovation that would most improve their overall experience at a hotel (45 percent). Comfort still reigns most important at 61 percent.

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