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Tips for improving the guest experience in 2021

Anne Davis

Exceeding guest expectations is considered the gold standard of the hospitality industry. However, achieving that outcome is often easier said than done. Hoteliers and other management professionals must anticipate the wants and needs of guests and act accordingly. Much of the process comes down to trial and error, but with enough refinement, it’s possible for managers in hospitality settings to successfully provide an exceptional experience to guests.

With this in mind, we decided to dive into several ways hotels and other hospitality-based businesses can improve the guest experience in 2021:

Improved Data Management Data management is a versatile aspect that should be covered across the industries. The data collected from the day-to-day operations is used by the administration when making significant development changes in the business environment. Improving the guest experience in the hospitality industry closely relates to the data collected daily. For a hotel or resort to provide exceptional service, there needs to be a master data management solution in place. This ensures all the data is collected, stored, and used correctly. The management team utilizes the data collected by various systems to make relevant changes that require improvement. This plays a significant role in the advancement of the guest experience in the hospitality sector.

Ensure Reliable Wi-Fi Connectivity Making the guest pay for Wi-Fi is an outdated thing in the current world. Allowing the guest to pay for internet connectivity is similar to charging for water. Keep in mind that a stable internet connection is one thing that attracts potential guests to the business. This means that any business or company in the hospitality industry should ensure the stability of its Wi-Fi connectivity. Instructions to connect to the Wi-Fi should be displayed or explained by the attendants working in the business. Also, inform the guest about the condition of the Wi-Fi to keep the guests informed.

Understand Guest Preferences Every guest knows what they like. If the guest is a long-time client, it’s often familiarity with the room and the food that makes them feel comfortable. In addition, sending the guest an email upon arrival asking if they have any special requests is a great way to break the ice. For seasoned businesses and companies in the hospitality sector, using modern technology to collect this information makes it more professional. Developing an app that guests can use to give their details makes it easy for the management team to understand what the guest wants. Technology can also be used in making bookings for the guest to avoid the guesswork used in most businesses in the hospitality industry.

A Smile Makes a Significant Difference Keep in mind that the immediate impression in the business environment sends a powerful message to the guest. The first impression also serves as a determinant for the guest whether they will stay for a long time or not. A smile is a simple thing but carries a heavy message, especially in the hospitality industry. To enhance the guest experience, reviewing the guest’s names helps when welcoming them by greeting them using their names accompanied by a welcoming smile. Sometimes the guests are constantly tired due to a long journey. A warm and welcoming smile serves as a refreshment. This can be a cold drink, or even water can make a significant difference.

Give Clear Directions Across the Business Environment Visiting a particular place for the first time is always hectic due to a lack of familiarity and orientation in the new environment. Ensuring that the guests are well-instructed is a significant thing when it comes to improving the guest experience. The application of symbols within the environment will lead the guests in the right direction with ease.

Conclusion Guest experience is a significant aspect that should be evaluated with great care. Improving simple operations in the hospitality industry makes a major change for the better.

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