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5 Secrets to Keeping Your Employees Happy and Motivated

Actualizado: 17 nov 2021

Every organization wants to hire the best of the best in their industry, but sometimes the best gets overworked, burned out, and even unmotivated. Finding creative ways to keep employees motivated is what many organizations are doing. It is not enough to have employees that qualify for a position. It is also relevant to have employees that bring values, possibilities, and vision to an organization.

Knowing the reasons why employees leave an organization helps employers understand why keeping them happy is vital. This article explains why employees quit and focus on the factors that help keep employees happy and motivated within an organization.

Reasons Why Employees Quit an Organization

  1. They are not being challenged. Employees are eager to learn new skills, but employees lose interest when employers fail to foster those skills.

  2. More pay. Everyone is entitled to receive the compensation they are worth, but employees begin to feel unvalued when that pay is not offered.

  3. Uninspired feelings. Motivation comes in many forms. Inspiring employees increase productivity and morale.

  4. They are not feeling valued. Employees do not like feeling replaceable, so give them a reason to feel valued within the organization.

  5. Bad relationship with management. It is hard for employees to work at their best when they feel management is out to get them. Ensure employees that the relationship with their manager is out of mutual respect.

  6. Career growth and development. Employees need to know there is room for advancement within the organization. Offering workshops, continuous education, tuition reimbursement, and lectures allow personal growth and development.

  7. More structure and feedback are needed. Some employees can work without feedback and structure. Others need to know what they are doing and how they are doing to perform accordingly.

  8. Change of work environment. Some organizations provide employees to from home, in other departments, and even have casual Fridays. Providing these changes allows employees' workday to feel normal.

  9. Relocating. Opportunities for career advancement can occur anywhere. For a global organization, provide employees the choice to continue working with the option to relocate.

  10. Workplace policies are conflicting. Organizations that offer flexible schedules make it easier for employees with a family. These policies allow employees to navigate their lives more efficiently without the worries of losing their job.

Five Secrets to Keep Employees Happy

  1. Provide a balance between work and home life balance. It can be hard to separate your work life from your home, especially if your company allows you to work remotely. Employers that understand that employees have a purpose outside the office will ensure a perfect balance between the two. Giving employees flexibility between work and home helps to ease their mind for finding a solution to a complex problem like who will pick the kids up from school.

  2. Help to provide a clear career path. Employers are looking for people that will stay with the company for many years. Exploring career paths with employees provide them with a feeling of belonging. Also, speaking with employees about their plans with an organization provides employers the knowledge and understanding for their employees' needs. They are showing interest in employees' growth providers the employee with the urge to succeed.

  3. Acknowledge and give recognition for achievements. A dedicated employee will do their job regardless of achievement recognition. Being able to acknowledge an employee for their accomplishment shows you are aware of your employee's goals and value what they want to accomplish. Recognizing this helps the employees to continue to set goals for personal achievements.

  4. Listening is not a bad thing. Listening is a skill that never gets old but is undervalued. The worst thing employers can do is ignore what their employees have to say. Sometimes employees want to be heard. Whether it's work-related or stress that is affecting their ability to work. Employers should not dismiss what their employees have to say. Sometimes the most straightforward idea can turn out to be the best.

  5. Stop underestimating what your employees can do. Employees often become unproductive with the work they are doing. This is not because they are lazy. Instead, it is because they have mastered their job. By providing them with additional responsibilities promotes productivity and creativity. Finding out what interests your employees help you to decide what other commitments you can give them.

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Numerous factors can hinder or help an employee within an organization. It is up to the employer to provide each employee the tools they need to continue the growth and achievement. However, it is also the employee's responsibility to make sure they are communicating their expectations to the employers.

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