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  • Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge

Storytelling for Hotels: Why It Matters?

It’s about little words with massive effect and making dreams into reality. Storytelling isn’t only nice to have when you’re managing a hotel; it’s needed. There’s so much more to learn, though - especially if you’re working in hospitality!

Storytelling is the buzzword of our time, so I understand if you cringe your nose after reading the title of this article.

Guest writer Regitse shares her insights on why storytelling is important for hotels:

These days, it’s all about telling a good brand story, but there’s no news in that. In fact, we’ve been telling stories of ourselves, our neighbors and the wide world since the beginning of time, when humans were stacked together in a cave trying to stay warm in front of the fireplace. Back then, we were actually very good at it, cause the art of telling stories was carefully handed down through generations. Today, it’s a different scenario. Either we’re naturals at it or we need to hire someone who is. That is if we’re managing a business that needs attention.

A hotel is a perfect example of a place where stories flourish, but if no one’s there to catch them, isn’t it a waste of good storytelling – and branding? Your hotel lives on stories, and it’s my personal opinion that storytelling in a written format (copywriting) is the most cost-efficient way for a hotel to grow. It’s also one of the fundamental elements of efficient online marketing, according to marketing guru Neil Patel.

Hence, I’d like to highlight a few things that make you realize (if you haven’t already) why you as a hotelier need to consider implementing good storytelling as part of your marketing plan moving into 2020.

1) Inspires Guests:

Stories inspire people to travel spontaneously. Create that “I-need-to-get-away”-feeling from your website and through your words and pictures. Perhaps even videos.

2) Drives Direct Booking:

If you provide relevant information to your customers (not only details about your hotel, but also about the surroundings etc.), you’re more likely to get bookings! Did you know that close on 70% of travelers are more likely to book with hotels that give relevant information about the destination itself? You should always be providing value, not only through your own services.

3) Builds Excitement:

Stories make it easier for potential customers to place themselves in your hotel. People want to know what it’s really like, how it feels, how it will make them feel. Yes, there’s a whole lot of feelings involved in telling a great story! Guests look forward to their stay if your story wins their hearts in the initial stage of booking.

4) Gains Trust:

Any hotel will stand stronger and gain more trust from both future customers and employees if their brand message and storytelling are in place. A hotel can provide a lot of travel content, but it should always be an integral part of the experience á la “the adventure can only happen with/through us”.

Storytelling can be many things, but a good mix between text, photographs, and video will do wonders for your property. And if you don’t have an in-house marketing team who knows your brand to the core, make sure to work with an agency that does. After all, the essence of telling good stories is not only about getting the attention of the listener but knowing the product you’re talking about 100%. Only by being authentic and staying true to your brand values is it possible to excel in storytelling and even become known for it. It’s an art, like many other things in life.

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