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  • Patrick Whyte

How Generation Z has Influence on High-End Vacations

While the luxury travel industry probably doesn’t need to think too much in terms of Generation Z as consumers, it should be mindful of them as influencers.

Many of them will still be living at home with their parents and so will have an impact on where the whole family goes on vacation.

Travel marketers targeting this group need to think more broadly about what they are offering.


Why Luxury Travel Purveyors Should Pay Attention to Generation Z: While most members of Generation Z have yet to make a substantial income, they are having unexpected influence over family travel decisions. That’s why travel marketers need to start paying attention to this new generation of consumers. Sorry, millennials.

Homesharing Will Take a Bigger Bite of Hotel Market Share:

As one of the largest travel sectors, accommodations will continue to grow as travel becomes an even more integral part of consumer lifestyles. Yet it remains to be seen if the disruption from alternative accommodations will fundamentally shake up the entire sector.

Admiralty Arch Owner Seeks New Funding for London Luxury Hotel Project:

It sounds like the project is still on track, but sensitive builds like this can sometimes take longer and cost more than originally expected.

Airstream’s New Mini-Models May Be Driving a Bump in Sales:

Airstream’s luxe camp trailer may appeal to a wider customer base beyond baby boomers, but much of that younger demographic is also interested in sharing rather than owning.

Bidders Line Up to Buy Anbang Luxury Hotel Portfolio: A

nbang is edging closer to selling off its collection of luxury hotels. Its buying spree now seems like a distant memory.


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